So I just saw a police officer pull over a vehicle; not speed ticket over but major trouble into the parking lot waiting for backup over. The vehicle was a white van.


This anti-marijuana ad is not only wrong — it’s despicable 

This has gone too far. In its latest attempt to prevent the legalization of medical marijuana, a Florida group has launched a new campaign that suggests pot — not alcohol or roofies — will be used for date rape.

Sorry, ‘No On 2,’ marijuana is simply not a date rape drug.

Maijuana lowers sex drive so I’m not sure how that would work.

Avril Lavigne + Eras and Music Videos ♥

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The last Post I made, does anyone have any info on it.



Wow, is this oldschool or the future?

Wuppertaler Schwebebahn, Germany

Good question!

(yes this is real)

I’m all over this. And a steam punk version of this would cause me to smile widely with eyes that appear to need a gentle pop back in.

Into the storm was actually really funny

Robin. Why is Robin gone? This is not okay. I kinda don’t know how to respond and I’m at a camp with no tv. I kinda wanna watch one of his movies tonight but I don’t know if it will download because I barely have wifi. I want to sound professional about this and write some shit about his skill and talent but honestly, Fuck this shit! It is not fucking fair. Performers cheer us up and make us smile and as a culture we just want to watch them fall. Like WTF? I bet whichever news team got to it first is having a fucking party.



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Oh Starlord, you crazy

My room is clean but…